How Toothpaste Can Restore Your Headlights

Are your headlights a little foggy? If so, it can become difficult to see while driving at night since your car may not expose the proper amount of lighting due to the poor clarity of your headlights. If you are currently dealing with a headlight that has a large number of blemishes, you may want to consider cleaning them to improve your visibility on the road. Getting your headlights cleaned is not a major car repair, but it can cost a good amount of money if you decide to have them professionally cleaned. This is why you may want to consider doing it yourself. Something as simple as toothpaste can clean your headlights just as effectively as a professional cleaning service would.

What You Will Need:

  • Toothpaste.
  • An old towel or rag
  • Water for rinsing.

Applying Your Toothpaste:

red car with clear headlightsNow that you have your supplies in hand, you are ready to improve your visibility and restore the condition of your headlights.  Start by applying some of your toothpaste on your towel or rag and apply it to your headlights. Now start scrubbing your headlight thoroughly with a bit of force, but not so hard that it could scratch. This will help loosen some of the grime and blemishes on your headlights.

Completing your Clean:

After minutes of scrubbing your toothpaste onto your headlights, you will want to rinse them. You should rinse off all of the toothpaste from your headlights and dry them with a dry towel since it will be difficult to see the results with wet headlights. If you are not too satisfied with the outcome, you should consider applying a second round of toothpaste, or even a third round if necessary. You will likely see the best results after two rounds of scrubbing since the first will remove the surface layer and the second will remove extra blemishes and grime that lay underneath.

You will find that cleaning your headlights with toothpaste can be a fairly easy service to do on your own since it is effective and time efficient, as well as affordable. So, rather than continue to drive out on the road with poor visibility due to lack of light exposure, consider cleaning your headlights with a tube of toothpaste that you have in your home or that you can but for a few bucks at your local grocery store.

If you need further automotive repairs, or if you have a headlight that is actually broken, contact an auto repair shop or visit your local parts shop.