Kids in the Car

Nothing is more important than the safety of your family, so it’s reassuring to know that manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to support safer driving. While new cars feature increasingly sophisticated safety systems, parents should still consider other accessories for babies. Here’s a look at three handy safety accessories you should consider for very young children.

Infant Head Supports

Babies spend a lot of time asleep, especially in the car, and their tiny bodies are very susceptible to injury from jolts and sudden stops. As well as an effective child seat, it’s important to consider head support or neck pillow. You can fit these accessories to most removable child seats, and they offer customized support to suit your child. Use an infant head support to keep your baby in a comfortable, natural position.

Baby Warmers

If you live in a particularly cold climate, it’s often difficult to keep your baby warm. Moving a newborn around is particularly tricky, especially if you have your hands full. A baby warmer or foot-muff fits around your child’s car seat and features a cozy, warm layer that makes sure junior never gets cold. Baby warmers keep your child at a constant temperature in or outside the car, and they look pretty cute too.

Easy View Mirror

It isn’t always easy to watch over a young baby in the back of a car, and you need to make sure you don’t take your eyes off the road. You can fix an easy view mirror to any headrest, and then quickly angle the glass to suit your driving position. An easy view mirror gives you the reassurance that baby is never out of sight and allows you to focus on the road, too.
Keeping your baby safe in the car is now easier, thanks to the wide range of accessories that parents can buy for their children. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look after your baby, and you can choose from an increasing range of colors and designs that suit your precious cargo.

Simple In-Car Accessories To Keep Kids Entertained

It’s difficult to keep children happy, particularly on long road trips. Most parents are continually on the lookout for new entertainment accessories because young minds generally need some things to distract them on long journeys. Make your next road trip less stressful with one or more of these brilliant entertainment accessories.

Overhead DVD players

It becomes pretty expensive to buy DVD players for every child, especially when you have lots of children. Overhead DVD players avoid the arguments by getting everyone to watch the same film, and wireless headphones stop the kids tangling each other up. You can fix an overhead DVD player to the car roof with a simple bracket system and then fold it away when nobody is using it.

Backseat Tablet Holders

Many families now own tablet computers, and these amazing devices make it easier to take home entertainment into your car (and back again). A backseat tablet holder is easy to install and allows you to convert your iPad or similar device to a movie screen, games station or music player. Many manufacturers now also make accessories that you can adapt to suit the size of your tablet computer.

Entertainment Organizers

It’s easy to damage tablet computers, games consoles, and headphones when they’re rolling around the back of a car. If you want your kids’ entertainment systems to last, invest in a simple organizer that you can fit the back of the driver or front passenger’s seat. The different compartments in these handy accessories allow you to stock up on books, games, computers, and headphones, and any other road trip essentials you can think of. Best of all, you can simply unhook the device, and move it to another car, as and when you need to.
Don’t leave the kids with nothing to keep them occupied on your next family road trip. Entertainment accessories don’t need to cost a fortune, especially when they simply let you take your children’s favorite home entertainment gadgets on the road.