Monday , August 10th 2020
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Truck Body Rust: How to Repair It Yourself

When the body of your truck begins to rust, this is not only unsightly but can be a major problem. This is particularly true if the truck frame begins to rust as well. If you have a business that uses it, your customers will see a rusty truck and think you are careless with your vehicle and, therefore, careless with your work. So, here are a few ways to repair truck body rust yourself.

Get the Surface Ready and Remove That Rust

The first thing you will need to do is to get the affected surface area prepared. Using an electric grinder with a sanding wheel, you will smooth the surface on which you are working.

You need to smooth the area around the rust that still has paint on it. To remove rust and repair your truck body, you will have to work with the “healthy” area that is surrounding the “sick” area (the rust).

Next, you need to go about removing the rust. You will still need that electric grinder; but this time, with a metal grinding wheel. When you place the grinding wheel to the affected area, be very careful and work very slowly.

If you grind too fast or aren’t careful, you may accidentally grind down areas that do not need it. This could do further damage to your truck body. So don’t rush your work. Once the rust is removed and the surrounding edge is smooth, you can move on to the finishing touches.

Sanding and Repainting

While you have already ground down and smoothed the metal, you will still want to sand the area down a bit more. Sand the area by hand using a piece of sandpaper.

Next you will need to tape around the area you will be painting. You do not want to add paint on top of areas that do not need it. This will make your paint job look cheap and poorly finished. So once you’re all taped up, apply a primer.

Do not skip the primer when refinishing your rust-free truck body! If you do, the paint will not look professional.

Allow the primer to dry overnight. Then apply the paint in very thin layers. You will need anywhere from four to six coats of paint to get the ideal effect. Once those coats of paint are complete and dry, your truck will be sparkling and rust-free once more.

While a rusted truck body is unsightly and frustrating, you can easily remedy the problem yourself. Just be careful and meticulous, and your knapheide truck body will look brand new!